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Welcome to SwiftWater Consultants, LLC.

Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Structural & Marine Engineering Services

SwiftWater Consultants, LLC. is a specialized multinational team of engineers and design professionals whose primary focus is on heavy commercial and civil-structural projects. We employ a full staff of Professional Engineers as well as draftsmen capable of supporting projects of all sizes in a broad spectrum of areas including Mechanical, Electrical and Piping system design as well as Civil Structural and upland, litoral and offshore Marine Engineering. With our broad-based spectrum of expertise in various engineering design arenas. SwiftWater is ideally positioned to provide cost effective, efficient and adaptive engineering design development and analysis, services as well as project management and inspection capabilities for your project. When no one else can find a solution, SwiftWater CAN!

SwiftWater Consultants offers a variety of services to our clients. These services include, but are not limited to:

Electrical Analysis (NEC/Short-Circuit/Arc-Flash/Voltage Drop/PF)
• Piping Analysis (System Design/Pressure Drop/Flow Rate)
• Marine Inspections (Water Towers/Bridges/Piers/Wharfs/Wiers)
• Coastal Management Engineering
• Inspection and Survey Services
• Marine Engineering & Navl Architecture
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Offshore Marine and Salvage Engineering
• Expert Witness Testimony
• Forsneic Studies and Failure Analysis
• Corrosion and Coating Survey and Condition Assessment