821 S. Newport Ave. / Tampa, FL 33606 / (813)440-6625 / info@swiftwaterinc.com (State of Florida: CA2949/CGC1506240)

SwiftWater Consultants, LLC. is a well-respected full service Engineering, Design and Consulting firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company is licensed by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers to offer the public engineering and related professional services and also holds licenses in Texas, Oregon, and the US Virgin Islands. Additionally, the company has a General Contractors license for the state of Florida. SwiftWater Consultants and its staff have over 75 years combined experience in almost all things related to Mechanical, Electrical and Piping system design, as well as near shore and offshore marine and civil/structural fields. The SwiftWater concept was formed in 1994 by its two managing partners, Geoff M. Parker PE and Robert J. Norton PE. SwiftWater Consultants' primary focus over the years has been helping clients with Mechanical, Electrical and Piping system design and analyses. As well, SwiftWater has assisted vessel owners in designing, repairing, modifying and maintaining existing vessels, piers, wharfs, etc... The company has assembled a small but diverse staff and maintains advanced computer resources to provide a wide range of engineering services. When projects fall outside of our area of expertise, SwiftWater has developed an extensive network of consultants to provide assistance, if required. Professional drafting services are provided including 3D presentations and animation. SwiftWater's philosophy is to blend diverse backgrounds of experience and knowledge with advanced computer applications as well as an indomitably optimistic attitude to provide our clients with innovative, yet practical and safe designs and on-time solutions.

About Swiftwater Consultants