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Civil Engineering/Civil Marine Design Services

The staff at SwiftWater Consultants has also been involved with shore-side structural engineering projects. The most notable of these was the design of spread footings and pedestals required for the structural support of the KUMBA, MONTU, and SHEIKRA roller coasters at Busch Gardens and the DUELING DRAGON and HULK roller coasters at Universal Studios. In addition, our staff was responsible for providing engineering design work for other components critical to the ride paths such as tunnels, ditches, bridges, building structures, and other general items, as well as insuring there were no interferences between object`s for any of the rides.

SwiftWater Consultants provides various engineering services within the civil and civil-marine arenas. While the main focus is on marine facilities, our capabilities extend to structures land-side. SwiftWater is fully capable of performing shore-side structural engineering projects. A scope of services includes, but is not limited to:

         - Seawall/Bulkhead analysis and design
         - Marina design
         - Heavy civil marine design
         - Marina and port facilities inspection, analysis and repair design
         - Wave attenuation analysis and design
         - Wind and wave hindcast studies
         - Geotechnical analysis and foundation design