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Marine Salvage & Offshore Engineering

SwiftWater Consultants, LLC can provide naval architects and civil/structural marine engineering services for marine salvage around the world. The staff at SwiftWater has provided salvage engineering services such as computer simulations for refloating vessels, residual structural strength calculations for damaged vessels, towing analyses and other engineering, as required, for any sort of salvage operation. As well SwiftWater has prepared multiple computer models for the OPA 90 damage stability and residual structural strength requirements for numerous vessels as part of a 24-hour rapid response team and has participated in countless "Spill Drills" and other preparedness exercises.

Whether it is in-house design, analysis, and consulting services, or on-site engineering expertise and project management, SwiftWater Consultants has the knowledge, experience and resources to handle any marine salvage job.

A scope of services includes, but is not limited to:

      - Computer simulations for re-floating vessels
      - Residual structural strength calculations for damaged vessels
      - Towing analyses
      - Heavy lifting calculations and planning
      - Oil/natural gas platform recovery and salvage engineering including permanent abandonment of wells
      - Maritime forensics & expert witness testimony
      - Wind and wave prediction studies
      - Mooring and motion dynamics of offshore vessels
      - Level 1, 2, and 3 platform inspection analyses and reports
      - Subsea pipeline and matting installation
      - Fixed production storage and offloading
      - Bow loading system arrangements
      - Leg penetration studies for jack-up vessels and liftboats