Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

wiftWater Consultants, LLC provides engineering services for some of the largest vessel owner/operating companies. These services typically involve design, preparation of shipyard repair or new construction specifications, shipyard bid evaluation, ABS, DNV, Lloyds (or other) approval of structural modifications, machinery installations, stability evaluations, and owner representation during shipyard periods.  

The staff at SwiftWater has performed a wide variety of engineering services in various shipyards and has designed floating dry docks from 1500 LT to 15,000 LT lifting capacity, as well as major modifications to increase the stability or lifting capacity of existing docks. SwiftWater also provides certification services for various types of dry docking systems, including floating dry docks, graving docks and even marine railways. Naval Architecture and Marine services provided by SwiftWater include, but are not limited to:

- Design
- Preparation of shipyard repair or new construction specifications
- Shipyard bid evaluation
- Class approval of structural modifications
- Machinery installations
- Stability evaluations
- Resistance and propulsion
- Electrical systems design
- Fluid systems design
- Vessel surveys
- Owner representation during shipyard periods
- Finite Element Analysis

SwiftWater Consultants has a long history and strong rapport with many regulatory agencies and classification societies and is well-versed in the associated rules, regulations and codes applicable to each including, but not limited to:

     - United States Coast Guard
     - ABS
     - Lloyd's Register
     - DNV
     - Various hull underwriters
     - The International Associations of Classing Societies
     - International Maritime Organization (IMO)
          a.) Safety of Live at Sea (SOLAS)
          b.) Fire Safety Systems (FSS)
          c.) Marine Pollution (MARPOL)
          d.) International Safety Management (ISM)
          e.) International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)

As well, SwiftWater has extensive experience acting on behalf of the client throughout the regulatory and classification process within the time and expense constraints of shipyard periods.