Robert Norton, P.E., Mechanical Engineer (Managing Partner)
Rob Norton attended the University of Tennessee where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree (1993) in Mechanical Engineering followed by a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree(1998)from the University of South Florida. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of Florida,Texas, Oregon and the USVIs in both Mechanical and Ship Design and Marine Engineering. Mr. Norton is also a licensed Certified General Contractor in the State of Florida. He has extensive experience related to commerical and heavy civil structural design construction as well as plant Mechanical, Electrical and Piping design and sizing. In the past Mr. Norton has held the position of Vice Chair, in the Central Division of Florida, for the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers as well as membership with the National Society of Professional Engoneers and The Florida Engineering Society.

Geoff Parker, P.E., Structural/Marine Engineer (Manager Partner)
Mr. Parker has a Master of Science degree (2002) in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree (2001) from the University of Florida. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Florida in Civil Engineering. Mr. Parker has several years of work experience with Structural, Geotechnical, Marine and Offshore Salvage Engineering, as well as heavy Civil Marine design for both on, off and near shore installations. Mr. Parker is also certified at Supervisor Level Drilling/Work-Over/Coiled Tubing/Snubbing/Wireline with Stack Qualification of Surface/Sub-Sea.

Dr. Curtis T. Latzo, Ph.D., P.E., Electrical Engineer (Engineering Partner)
Over the past 20 years, Dr. Latzo has conducted in excess of 100 electrical system studies for Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Data Centers, Schools, Telecommunications Facilities, and Municipal Infrastructure projects. He is well versed with the recent advances in the relay industry which have resulted in solid state relays requiring digital program selections for the protective device and on-site relay program downloads, he has gained experience working with numerous multi-function relay applications, including closed transition with multiple generator systems. He has focused on The focused on critical electrical systems where generators, UPS systems, and reliable power distribution systems are necessary in addition to Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Short Circuit and Protective Device Coordination Studies at medium and low voltage for data centers, manufacturing, institutional, industrial, telecommunication, and municipal clients. He is registered in State of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, Louisiana as well as with NCEES. He is also NFPA 70E Certificated and recieved an IEEE Certificate of Achievement for Arc Flash Applications

Von Phillips, Master Electrician (Engineering Partner)
Mr. Phillips has work as a Master Electrician and electrical contractor for over 30 years specializing in troubleshooting, electrical systems, providing safety audits, infrared thermal energy audits and NFPA 70E electrical training. Mr. Phillips has been involved in multiple projects were he was the primary electrical inspector in charge of large scale municipal and/or government electrical system audits. During these audits he lead teams of electricians in an effort to collect field data, record loads and identify components. Recently he was involved as a lead Electrical Inspector in Iraq verifying the electrical arrangement of several US military bases. Mr Phillips is well versed in updating one-lines, short circuit studies, protective device coordination arc flash hazard studies and power system modeling.

John Harrington, P.E. (Engineering Consultant)
Mr. Harrington provides his experience and expertise in the fields of structural, geotechnical and civil engineering to SwiftWater Consultants. Mr. Harrington received a Bachelor of Science (1962) and Master of Science degree (1967) in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and Texas and has over 40 years of experience in a range of projects too numerous to list. Mr. Harrington taught structural engineering classes at the University of South Florida, Tampa.

Paul Brownlee (Design Draftsman)
Mr. Brownlee has over fifteen years' experience in the engineering and design industry. Mr. Brownlee's work experience includes the design of subsea equipment, implant devices, process piping packages, mass transfer equipment, directional drilling tooling, sports medicine products, gages, fixtures and other precision instruments.  

Jose Bustamante (Design Draftsman)
Mr. Bustamante received his Bachelor of Science degree (1997) in Mechanical Engineering from ESIME in Mexico City and has over ten years' experience in the engineering and design industry. Mr. Bustamante's work experience includes the design of mechanical equipment, storage tanks, towers & process piping packages as well as detail drafting of mass transfer equipment.

Tony Figueiredo (Design Draftsman)
Mr. Figueiredo received his Bachelor of Arts degree (2006) in Architecture from University Private of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and has over 5 years' experience in design drafting. Mr. Figueiredo's work experience includes 3D modeling, drafting and animation as well as CAD design and drafting

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